Creative Director


Filming became a passion when it became my voice

After several years suffering from a very rare auto-immune illness, which stopped me from talking, eating, smiling, crying and having a relatively normal life, I stumbled upon film. I suddenly was able to communicate again and my world opened up. My mind could be shared through animation and abstract projection art. Everything that is a challenge, forces us to adapt and it is not always a negative adaptation. It allowed me to step into a world where I could fully communicate and this is why I love film

Film is more than documentation, it is storytelling.
My main love is filming creatives. Whether this is through The Maker Series or through commission based work.

If you are creative and feel that film would help your work, or have a story you want to share through film please feel free to get in contact, I would love to hear from you.

My costs are bespoke and are shared via quotation after an initial discussion.
If you have a set budget, I will be able to set out what will be achievable within this.

If you’re interested in learning about film feel free to ask me questions.

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