35 mm Photography


White horse up close
Lily the dog and Clive looking over a wall
Bumble bee on a flower
Mouth Mill, beach with wave
Wild Meadow
Clovelly hills in mist
Tree stump and heather

Secret Garden

Branches and sky
Monkey Puzzle Tree
Pond and Montbretia
lichen on a tree branch
Blue spiky leaves and branch

Bedruthen Steps

Black Birds in sky
Edward looking out to sea
Waves and white water
Cliff edge and rock in sea
Waves and cliff edge
waves on the shore

Lake District

Ed looking to a kaleidoscope
Quarry and Tarn
Path through mountains
Waterfall and mountains
Hotel amongst Autumn Leaves
Cottage in the mountains
Ed with mountains and tarn in the background
Low cloud over mountain
Tree reflections
Sign Post
Mountains and Tarn
Sun on hills in the lake district