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Day 1 and how to fly when you are a Shimnix with wire wings

Yesterday morning I was not going to start this project just yet, not until I got that perfect website, that knowledge that is always expanding, that perfect connection with my self confidence, yesterday morning I was not going to start.

However this morning I decided, after some excellent advice from North Devon Plus, I was going to start.

Shimnix shout out to North Devon Plus, these guys know their sheep from their poodles.

About 2 months ago I got an idea, it was not original, it was not unique but it still was special and you know why? Because the involvement of the individual makes it unique and original.

Today with the help of research and peoples generous advice, I signed up and created this Blog, paid £11 to make it .com…more professional hey? So what you and I have now is a half created Blog, but what will happen is a journey and with every post something magical will have happened.

I have not got money; I have got skills to swap.

So how do you fly with wire wings? Well I guess you have to jump to find out.





  • Well done on jumping! All it takes is a good idea and a lot of enthusiasm … good luck and looking forward to seeing Shimnix grow.

    Mandi x

  • Mark A Wyatt says:

    Hi, I enjoyed reading your fledgling blog, and listening to you perform your lovely song down in Clovelly. It takes guts to perform in front of other people, (I know as I have attempted it a few times, and usually failed to overcome my nerves and not delivered of my best), but judging by your performance you must have already been well practised? I am a writer too and also a slightly lapsed song writer/guitar picker, (I used to perform in an acoustic male duo), or at least I am when I’m not trying to earn a crust to support my family and my book and C.D. music addiction through my day job! Good luck with your blog and the music, all the best, Mark in Bude.

    • Hi Mark
      Thank you for your lovely Comment. I actually filmed Judith Christie as I am creating Shimnix Sessions, which is going to develop in to being a hub of creative film sessions with local artists. Judith Christie is a wonderful local singer song writer and it was a pleasure to have her as my first session. I guess my blog can relate to most people who are taking or have taken a leap of faith towards their dream. How scary, exhilarating, exciting and wonderful taking that leap can be. Like performing in front of people, putting yourself out in front of any audience, whether it be live or not, can make one feel really vulnerable. Especially when you are bearing your soul through something you really care about. I write music and play guitar so also know how hard it is to overcome the fear. Step at a time hey. I do hope you stay tuned for more up and coming live Shimnix Sessions and if you feel like you would like to perform for one, just get in contact.

      All the best
      Jessica Pearson

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