Shimnix Productions sign

This just got a little bit more serious…Serious in the sense of yay!


The roots of the ideas are growing deeper and the branches are spreading. I am hoping this tree blossoms in spring.

In the meantime I will strengthen the foundations, and build from the ground up.

Firstly a huge shout out to Amanda McCormack who is making my website. I also start website training with her next week and I am raring to go, can’t wait to start!

Secondly a massive shout out to Pluss, these guys have supported me from the beginning of this journey and continue to help me.

So what else is going then with Shimnix?

Well I have several films coming up, which I am really excited about.

One musical promo to be launched, a few sessions in the pipe-line and a couple of local business promos along with Shimnix shout outs.

Shimnix Shout Outs, what?

Shimnix Shout Outs are going to be a section on my website for Shimnix films that have an inspirational message to communicate, subjects and people that definitely are worth shouting out about.

The progression of Shimnix is happening faster than I had expected but I am flying and these wings are getting stronger with every beat.


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