Judith Christie playing Guitar

Judith Christie- French Lieutenant’s Woman / Shimnix Sessions

Happy New Year fellow friends.

This is the first ever Shimnix Session. I am supper excited about this particular project and hope it is just the beginning.

I had the pleasure of working with excellent crew members and filming the very talented Judith Christie. I also got to film in Clovelly, where I grew up, adding another wonderful memory to this beautiful location.

Watch in 1080pHD for best quality and sit back, relax whilst you let Judith’s beautiful song, the “French Lieutenant’s Woman” wash over you.


May your new year be filled with many bright sparks and magical music that makes your heart sing.


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    For anyone not here, a sense of the sea from Judith Christie in nearby Clovelly… great gull and wave accompaniment. Not ishing to detract from Judith’s singing, but the sound of those waves is just the right ‘backing track’…. #can’tbeatnature