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What is an Adventure?

Since April I have been interviewing people for the second installment of The Space Outside. I have traveled across the country and met remarkable people; I set out to understand how to go on adventures but soon started to look at what we perceive an adventure to be. Every person I talked to, in my eyes, was being adventurous but in fact, some of them disagreed with me, stating that, what they are doing is choosing a lifestyle that gets them outside.  This led me to see adventure as a frame of mind; maybe we say it to make something more exciting and therefore the word adventure actually has a huge amount of sway over how we perceive what we are doing. Something that seems normal to you may seem adventurous to others. Getting outside of the comfort zone is for me at the heart of whether something feels adventurous and because everyone’s comfort zone is different that means everyone’s adventures should be different too. Deciding that the only way of going on an adventure is by climbing massive mountains or sailing around the world is somewhat of a limiting belief.  Throughout the year the film has evolved to include the many stages of Womanhood and the title has changed from The Space Outside // Practicalities to The Space Outside // Knowledge and Wisdom. This second film shows adventure in all shapes and sizes and aims to connect more people with a notion that they have the power to decide how they want to take a step outside their comfort zone and that they do not need to measure the step against someone else’s.

 The Space Outside // Knowledge and Wisdom will be launched on my website on the 1st January 2018

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